The Reality Creation Kit – Coming in 2023

I am currently hard at work developing my latest app The Reality Creation Kit (RCK). The genesis of this app came several years ago when I first read Vadim Zeland’s Reality Transurfing: StepsĀ  I-V. This book introduced me to the concept of Transurfing, reality creation, reality shifting, or whatever else you want to call it…. Continue reading

Manifestation Magick Pro Updated

Manifestation Magick Pro has been updated on the App Store. This is the first update in more than a year. Features of this update include updated UI with new button images, a range of new subscription options that include 3 month, 6 month and yearly subscriptions. This is in addition to the monthly subscription that… Continue reading

Uplifted coming soon!

Development of Uplifted is nearing completion. I’m expecting to have finished this app in the next night or two. Then it will take a week or so to prepare it for submission to the App Store. So for anyone keen to try this app out, you do not have long left to wait.

M1 Pro MacBook Pro

I am beyond excited to be getting one of the new M1 Pro MacBook Pro computers. Specifically, I am getting this model of MacBook Pro. This will replace my current Metabox laptop which is 8 years old. This new MacBook looks phenomenal. A beautiful 16.2 inch screen running at a resolution of 3456 x 2234… Continue reading