Jounce – AI Copywriting – A Review

Of late I have been looking at a variety of AI copywriting tools, Chat GPT, Writesonic, Jasper AI etc. One that really stands out for all the right reasons is the newest entry into this field and the subject of this blog post – Jounce. Jounce is a very versatile tool that will take care of all your copywriting needs.

One of the things I love about Jounce is the diverse variety of templates that are available for generating content.

Jounce Templates
A small sample of the available templates

At present there are 67 of these templates and this number increases regularly as new features are added. These templates include those that you would expect from an AI Copywriting tool such as:

  • Blog post
  • Blog post topic ideas
  • Product description
  • Summarize
  • Sentence expander
  • Creative story
  • Explain it to a child
  • Press release
  • Photo post captions, etc

and many that you probably would not have thought of:

  • FAQ Generator
  • Persuasive bullet points
  • Poll questions and multiple choice answers
  • Real estate listing – residential
  • Review responder
  • Tone detector
  • Tweet Machine
  • Unique value propositions
  • Video script hook and introduction
  • Welcome email sequence, and many many more!

The use cases for this tool are phenomenal and I really am excited to explore and use this tool. Where many tools like Chat GPT give you a blank prompt with little explanation as to what to write, Jounce really shines by providing these diverse templates that will help you craft the written content that you need.

Using these templates is simple, you simply fill in the blanks and click the generate button and a second later you have the content you need.

Template Use
Using a template

One of the things I really like about these templates is that unlike Chat GPT whenever you click the generate button you get an entirely new post that does not overwrite previous posts. This makes it really easy to compare different versions of generated content so you can ensure that you always have access to the best version of anything you have previously generated. To me, this is one of the best features of Jounce. I have used Chat GPT extensively in the past and the number of times I have lost something good because I have regenerated content and then ended up with something worse than I originally received. This simply isn’t an issue with Jounce.

Jounce is reliable, versatile and very capable as an AI copywriting tool. Jounce has just gone into open Beta so anybody can now try this tool. The developers have been actively improving the tool and from the short time I have been using it I can say that I have noticed improvements and the quality and stability of this platform are excellent. While I’m sure further improvements will be made I can say that the platform as it exists today is fantastic. I have enjoyed using it and I can safely say that I will be using Jounce as my main tool for generating high quality written content that looks like it was written by a human.

Quality of written output

As I said earlier I have tried many different AI copywriting tools. Most have been subpar. I have always gone back to Chat GPT simply because they consistently generate the best content. Is Jounce different to all these other Chat GPT clones? Well the answer to that is simple, yes it is! Jounce generates content that is every bit as good as Chat GPT, the fact that it does this and it contains a diverse array of templates to guide your content creation means that Jounce is at a clear advantage over Chat GPT and in many ways is a far superior tool. For these reasons, I would recommend Jounce over Chat GPT or any other AI Copywriting tool. If you need to generate written content Jounce is clearly the tool you should be using!


Although Jounce is a newcomer to the AI copywriting space, it has proven itself to be a worthy tool that is both easy to use, very versatile and has all the power but none of the downsides of using Chat GPT. This is the tool that you should be using if you are a marketer or if you generate written content of any type. The benefits of Jounce are many and I honestly cannot recommend it highly enough. Jounce has earned a spot among my go to tools. It is absolutely essential in my opinion and I’m sure that anyone who gives it a try will arrive at the exact same conclusion. Do yourself a favor and head over to Jounce today!

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