Uplifted Affirmations App

Firstly, work on Double Up Master is coming along nicely. The app is fun to play and development is progressing according to plan. At this point, I expect that it will be ready for release sometime in September. Once Double Up Master is released I then start work on my next app, which I’ve decided […]

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Future plans

I am currently working on a game called  Double Up Master.  This will likely take another two or three weeks to finish. The core gameplay elements have been completed. I just need to add a few sound effects, background music, implement Game Center, and fully integrate IAP into the app.  At this point, I’m aiming […]

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Particle effects in Double Up Master

New Blog

I recently had some issues with my blog and unfortunately lost my previous wordpress installation and was unable to recover it. I’ve thus set up a new blog. I’ve trialed numerous wordpress themes and may eventually move to a less spartan theme but for the moment I like the clean uncomplicated look of the theme […]

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