An update on Double Up Master and the way forward

A couple of weeks ago after months of hard work, I submitted Double Up Master to the App Store for approval. The game played well and was a lot of fun. It was rejected during the approval process. Why you ask? Well a year or so back Apple, under pressure from various governments to reduce fraud in the App Store, made the decision that individual developers would no longer be able to submit apps that involved simulated gambling. Unfortunately, I had not even the slightest inkling that this could even be an issue. Thus I worked away for months on an app that involved simulated gambling.

If I were an app development company I could develop apps with simulated gambling until the cows came home, but as an individual developer, this is now forbidden. App development companies are obviously more trustworthy on the whole than individual developers.

Now it would be easy to think that I had wasted months of work, and to some extent, this is probably true. However, Double Up Master was a learning experience in which I implemented several features that will find a place in future apps. Most notably, I learned to use particle emitters and also learned how to integrate Game Center into an app. Game Center in particular is useful as it allows the gamification of apps that may not actually be games. Thus you can add features like achievements to an app which will help to increase user engagement. So despite putting months of work into Double Up Master it has actually been a useful process that lays a foundation for adding other useful features to other upcoming apps.

My next app will be an affirmations app called Uplifted. Work is now underway on this app and I expect to release it in late December 2021, or possibly January 2022. I will provide further information about the features of Uplifted closer to the release date. The attached image shows the splash screen of Uplifted.

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