Hexcraft, and upcoming apps

Hexcraft went live in the App Store on December 14. It is doing well and getting downloaded by decent numbers of people which is pleasing to see. The success of this app has reinforced that there is a demand for apps related to magick on the App Store. As this has been an area of interest for the past 30 years I will use my knowledge and experience to continue developing a range of magick related apps.

I have had emails from a number of people asking whether I would be releasing an angel magick app. My popular app, Manifestation Magick Pro, has filled a niche for many people, but some users have been unsure about using an app that is based on the Goetia and uses demonic entities. For anyone hesitant about using Manifestation Magick Pro, my upcoming app, Angel Magick, should be of considerable interest. This sigil based app makes use of 72 powerful angels and will allow users to manifest anything they desire in their lives with the assistance of these mighty angelic entities.

I am currently hard at work developing this app and anticipate submitting it to the App Store by the end of January. I’ll post further information closer to the release date of this app.

Looking further ahead into the future I have plans to develop a number of other apps. These include apps on topics as diverse as love magick, money magick, Enochian magick, working with Jinn, and an app on reality hacking that will expand upon the ideas of the Russian author Vadim Zeland. I’ll give further information about each of these apps as I develop them.

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