Games to Terrify coming in early 2020

Many of us have played games such as Bloody Mary in our younger days. My next app called Games to Terrify is a massive collection of the world’s scariest games to play with your friends. This collection will include over 80 games in total. At this point the following games will be available free for all downloaders:

    Light as a feather stiff as a board

    Bloody Mary

    The Fed Up Game

    The Game of 100 Ghost Stories

    The Closet Game

    Lights Out

    The Peek A Boo Game

    The Fortune Game

    Sever the Cord

    Channel Infinity

All other games will be able to be unlocked with a single in app purchase. This is my first app written completely in Swift. I have finally moved away from Construct 3 and am exploring a much more powerful programming language for developing my iOS apps.

Games to Terrify splash screen

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