Level 2 of Hector the Protector has been completed

After a week or so of effort the second level of Hector the Protector has been completed. The level is significantly more difficult to complete than Level 1.  I plan to make every level more challenging to complete than the last. I spent the evening fine tuning the level and am happy with how it plays. I have also implemented a simple system for loading the highest game level that is yet to be completed when the game is restarted. This removes the necessity to replay the entire game when restarting. Next steps will be to export for IOS tomorrow night. I will then be able to test everything works properly on iPhone. Once I’ve done this I will be able to continue creating additional game levels. At this stage I’m anticipating creating 8 to 10 levels in total. It takes about a week to complete a level. Based on that estimate, and barring any unforeseen issues I should have HTP ready for release sometime in July this year!

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