Web Design, 3D Modelling, General Software Development

Web Design

I am a Google accredited mobile site developer. I have also undertaken a course of study with Free Code Camp. I am currently working my way through the Front End Development Certification. I am aiming to have completed this certification in 2018. You can check out some of my web design work here.

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3D Models

I have created a large number of models for use with Game Guru. These models were created with SketchUp or with more specialized modelling software. These models can be purchased from the TGC Store.

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I have programmed in a number of languages (Visual Basic, Delphi, Java etc) but have used VB6 most extensively. I have published a number of programs online, most recently the memory training software Memory Master. I will be updating my skills to cover programming in VB.Net this year.

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App Development - Hector the Protector

I am currently developing a game for the App Store called Hector the Protector. This is a platform game featuring a playable character called Hector Kidd. The game differs from standard platform games in that it allows players to win the game in multiple different ways. Players can choose to win each level by either: defeating all enemies, scoring a certain number of points, or they can unlock the door to the next level. The choice of how to play is entirely up to the player. The release date of Hector the Protector has not been set but it will be some time in mid 2018.